Customer Support

Warranty Information

Warranty Period

The warranty period for each Imation product is as follows from the date of original purchase.

  • 3 Years

  • 2.5”

  • M.2

  • NVMe

  • USB


  • Soild State Drive   ㅣ   2.5” SSD :  S530 / A320    ㅣ    M.2 SSD : V531    ㅣ    NVMe SSD : X731
  • USB Flash Drive   ㅣ   USB2.0 : NANO II    ㅣ    USB3.0 : NANO PRO II    ㅣ   USB OTG : NANO DUO PRO
  • 1 Year

  • CD / DVD

  • Optical   ㅣ   CD : CD-R    ㅣ    DVD : DVD-R
According to the Imation warranty policy, if the product is defective under normal usage conditions, you will be entitled to warranty service. 
Once the stated warranty period is complete, Imation will no longer provide warranty service. Customer service policy may vary in your country.
It is necessary to bring and keep proof of purchase and receipt for customer service.

Limited Warranty

The warranty does not cover damage or loss of the product caused by the following reasons.

  • Careless handling of customers. (* Prolonged exposure to humidity and temperature beyond the range of use).

  • Problems caused by malfunctions caused byother equipments.

  • Failure or damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood and earthquake.

  • Failure or damage due to transportation, dropping, etc. after purchase.

  • Damage to the appearance and connector of product.

Precautions when using the product

IMPORTANT: Imation will not compensate for damage to the product resulting from customer's negligence in use and care,
and Always back up important data.